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PAYMENT REMITTANCE ADDRESS CHANGE: Effective immediately, EASA has changed its payment remittance address. All checks must be mailed to:

EASA, PO Box 801503, Kansas City, MO 64180-1503

EASA Releases Updated Transformer Guide

EASA AR200-2021: Guide of the Repair of Dry-Type TransformersEASA announces the publication of an update to AR200, now titled the Guide For The Repair Of Dry-Type Transformers. This guide outlines best practices for the repair of dry-type transformers.

In preparing this update, the Technical Services Committee chose to narrow the scope to the types of transformer repair activities usually found in EASA service centers (i.e., non-liquid-filled distribution dry-type transformers with high voltage windings up to 69 kV and rated less than 15,000 kVA).

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Fort Worth Convention Recordings Now Available To Stream

2021 Convention LogoIf you purchased a 2021 Convention registration that included access to the education events - or if you were an exhibitor - you now have access to watch recordings of the events. Session handouts and technical papers are also available for download.

Didn't attend the convention? Buy access for as low as $129!


Tech Tip: Dry Windings and Cure Resin

Most service centers dry windings and cure resin concurrently. It’s preferred that bake oven temperature should always be set to the recommended curing temperature for your resin. There are reasons that’s not always possible:

  • Some of us have customers with specifications that dictate drying temperatures
  • Resin manufacturers have specific recommended curing temperatures
  • A few service centers use multiple resins for specific purposes, with different curing requirements

For those reasons, we sometimes have to change the oven temperature depending on what’s in the oven. Forgetting to raise the oven temperature to the curing temperature of your resin will result in reduced bond strength when the motor is in service. Likewise, opening the oven door to put in another job, or to remove one, allows heat to escape; therefore, the curing time is extended. And finally, remember that the “curing time” starts when the part is at the oven temperature and that larger stators may take several hours to reach the curing temperature.

Marketing Tip: How to Write a Press Release

A press release is a short, compelling news story written to pique the interest of a journalist or news organization. The goal is to report something new in the business, such as a product launch, an acquisition or merger, an event that has taken place, a large charitable donation, and so on. Press releases should begin with the contact information of your company’s media liaison and the words “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.” This lets journalists know who to contact for further information and that the news can be shared with the public right away. Then comes the headline, arguably the most important part of the whole press release. It should be intriguing and newsworthy. Below this, the press release should read like a news story, written in third person, quoting relevant people, and citing sources. By doing some of the legwork for busy journalists, you increase the likelihood of your story reaching the public.

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