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October 2019

  • EASA Technical Manual Sections 8-11 updated, expanded
  • Chairman Larry: “Gain the Advantage” in your business with EASA​
  • Bret McCormick elected new director for EASA Region 2
  • How up-thrust occurs and provisions to control it in vertical 
  • Check out EASA's new Resource Guide
  • Tech Tip: Commutator reprofiling
  • Safety Tips: Fire & chemical 
  • Tips for developing an employee handbook or policy manual
  • Noviembre 13 webinario sobre “Conexiones Externas en los Motores Eléctricos Trifásicos” (en español
  • November 13 webinar to focus on “Three-Phase Motor External Connections” (presented in Spanish)
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis materials updated, expanded; 2nd edition manual, download available for purchase
EASA Currents October 2019

September 2019

Highlights in the issue include:

  • Take advantage of variety of valuable webinars and seminars in the coming months, next year
  • Message from Chairman Larry: 'Gain the Advantage' with EASA's fall events
  • Field testing and inspection of 3-phase squirrel cage motors
  • Need a new company website? Read this!
  • Management Pulse: September survey to focus on healthcare and other benefits
  • Recent death: Brad J. Nelson
  • Safety Tips: Electrical work
  • New member benefit coming in 2020! Free webinars
  • New staff members
  • Tech Tip: Winding removal

August 2019

  • Another successful event: 2019 EASA Convention and Las Vegas prove to be a winning combination
  • Chairman Larry's Message: How to "Gain the Advantage" after a successful convention
  • Dealing with wet/flooded motors - Recovering from disaster: Saltwater becomes a major problem
  • Common misconceptions about how to dry wet motors
  • Thank you 2019 exhibitors!
  • Convention snapshots
  • Steve Skenzick recieves Exceptional Achievement Service Award at 2019 EASA Convention in Las Vegas
  • Actions of EASA's Board of Directors meetings in Las Vegas
  • EASA 2019 webinars: Register today at
  • Plan to attend EASA's upcoming seminars
  • EASA welcomes new Active members
  • New member benefit coming in 2020! Free webinars!
  • Associate members first
  • Recent death - Past chairman Jim Smith
  • Chapter/regional meeting dates
  • Tech Tip - Terminology: Pitch and span are not the same thing
  • Safety Tips - Grinding: Don't break the wheel

July 2019

  • 2019-2020 officers, Executive Committee installed during Annual Business Meeting in Las Vegas
  • Message from Chairman Larry: 'Gain the Advantage' and position yourself for success
  • Beyond I2R - additional copper losses in stator windings
  • List of 2019-2020 International Board of Directors
  • August 14 webinar to focus on "Selecting Replacement DC and 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Motors"
  • Safety Tips: Tool safety for the service center
  • Five + 1 S Series: Keep safety at the forefront of all your "lean service" activities

June 2019

  • Seminar schedule through May 2020 announced
  • Chairman Byars' Message: 'Navigate the Future:' Where we've been and where we're going
  • Working with moisture sensors in submersible pumps
  • Upcoming EASA education
  • 2019 EASA Convention mobile app now available
  • EASA 2019 Exhibitors
  • Are you taking advantage of EASA training opportunities?
  • Environmental update: hazardous waste management changes
  • July 17 webinar to focus on "Insulation Technology Improvements and the Repair Market"
  • Safety Tips: Electrical work
  • Tech Tip: Brush seating guidance, recommendation
  • EASA Accreditation Program update

May 2019

  • 2019 Chapter Leadership Forum held in St. Louis: 24 attendees from 16 of EASA's 32 chapters attend training program
  • EASA webinar schedule announced for September through December
  • Message from Chairman Byars: Convention education content empowers you to 'Navigate the Future'
  • Features, benefits of EASA's Getting The Most From Your Electric Motors booklet
  • EASA 2019 Exhibitors
  • June 12 webinar to focus on "Carbon Brushes, Current Density and Performace"
  • Five + 1 Series: Strive for "lean service" with a focus on the "standardize" activity
  • Take a closer look at convention session on industry research
  • Tech Tip: Help with installing winding resistance temperature detectors (RTDs)
  • Dawn Misko, longtime EASA employee, passes away

April 2019

  • Brian Larry to serve as EASA's 2019-2020 Chairman
  • Chairman Byars: Focus on business development to 'Navigate the Futre'
  • Bill Thalman elected new director for EASA Region 1
  • Limiting end float of a sleeve bearing machine
  • Executive Committee for 2019-2020
  • Tech Tip — Armature banding: Tips for success
  • Take a close look at marketing/sales sessions at convention
  • Hit the jackpot at the 2019 EASA Convention
  • 2019 Convention Exhibitors
  • May 15 webinar to focus on "Assessing Impeller Damage"
  • Five+1 S Series: Strive for "lean service" with a focus on the "shine" activity
  • Using industry research data to support organizations sales staff

March 2019

  • Plan to attend 2019 EASA Convention in Las Vegas
  • Message from Chairman Byars: Accreditation help you successfully 'Navigate the Future'
  • Getting to know fractional-slot concentrated windings (FCSW)
  • Management Pulse: Survey results provide useful member feedback on leadership topic
  • Safety tip: Stationary grinders
  • Tech tip: Important laser alignment kit
  • UL joins list of EASA-sanctioned Accreditation Program auditors
  • April 17 webinar to focus on "How Winding Changes Affect Motor Performance"
  • Five +1 S Series: Strive for "lean service" with a focus on the "straighten" activity
  • "Principles of Medium & Large AC Motors" now available in English and Spanish

February 2019

Highlights in this issue:

  • Don't miss opportunities for valuable education
  • Message from Chairman Byars: Come to Las Vegas and "Navigate the Future"
  • AC Motor Verification & Redesign and Motor Rewind Data Version 4 programs work together to offer more capabilities
  • Marketing Solutions: Bring your website up to modern standards
  • Tech Tip: Help with testing field coils or interpoles
  • Long-term storage: Some points to keep in mind
  • 5+1 S Series: Strive for "lean service" with a focus on the "sort" activity
  • Safety Tip: Circuit testing 

January 2019

  • Chairman Byars: “Navigate the Future” of 2019 with these top EASA features
  • Emerging technologies: What they mean for members
  • Learn more at upcoming EASA Convention
  • Electric motor bearing lubrication frequency and quantity
  • EASA Convention 2019 - Las Vegas
  • February 20 webinar to focus on “Magnetic Wedges”
  • Tech Tip: Use C4 bearing when heat is a factor
  • Management Pulse: January survey will focus on leadership topics, information
  • Safety Tip: What not to wear

December 2018

  • Management Services Committee to provide "Lean Service" resources to help members eliminate waste, improve productivity
  • Message from Chairman Byars: Ongoing training helps you to "Navigate the Future"
  • Parallel circuits: More than meets the eye
  • Tech Tip: Selecting options in AC Motor Verification & Redesign program
  • Safety Tip: Live circuits: Don't be "shocked" by this tip!
  • European Commission announces motor and power converter efficiency directive regulation
  • Learning from experience: Tips for repairing a “purpose-built” motor
  • EASA to offer FREE webinars in January 2019: "Send Motor Data to EASA using the AC Motor Verification & Redesign Program"  (Jan. 23); and “Lean: Improve Your Shop Efficiency and Productivity” (Jan. 30)
EASA Currents - December 2018 - cover

November 2018

  • Committee meet to map member benefits
  • EASA seeks renewal of ANSI Standard status
  • Message from Chairman Byars: "Navigating the Future" of your business's success
  • Considerations for measuring & test equipment (M&TE) resolution
  • "Principles of Medium & Large AC Motors" seminar scheduled in St. Louis
  • December 12 webinar to focus on "Motor Temperature Rise and Methods to Increase Winding Life"
  • Tech Tip: Measuring stator core dimensions for core test with windings installed
  • Management Pulse: Survey results focus on safety analysis and work instructions
  • A retirement and new employee at EASA Headquarters
EASA Currents - November 2018 - cover