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Using industry research data to support organization's sales staff

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April 2019
Justin Hatfield, HECO, Inc.
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Do your salespeople ever wish they knew more about their competitors? Do they ever wish they understood our industry better? Today, the best salespeople are ones who keep abreast of a variety of changes going on in the marketplace. At HECO, our salespeople always do their best to try and stay up to date. From emerging technologies, to how to land more clients, to what industries typical EASAns are doing business with are on their radars. This is all valuable information that your salespeople could benefit from, too.

Valuable information at
The good news is that all of this information is available from the 2017 industry research study that was conducted by J. Peerbolte & Associates and Indian River Consulting Group and presented at the 2017 and 2018 EASA conventions. EASA members can view the presentations by Jerry Peerbolte and Michael Marks that are available in the “Resource Library’ of The 2017 presentation is titled “Industry Research: Service Center Trends & Future.” The 2018 presentation is titled “EASA Industry Research: Deeper into the Data – What Else We Learned.” Members can also download EASA’s “2017 Service Center Trends and Practices Report” from EASA’s website.