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What’s in a nameplate? Information helps the selection of the right motor regardless of application

Plant Engineering
Publication date: 
November 2018
Jim Bryan, EASA Technical Support Specialist (retired)

Whether you're selecting a motor for a new application or a replacement for one that has failed, you need a reliable way to match the capabilities and performance characteristics of various motors with the requirements of the application.

Fortunately, motors that conform with NEMA Std. MG 1-2016 or IEC Std. 60034-8:2007 must include all nameplate data that the respective standards require. What this entails will vary with motor type and size, so for example, rated field and armature current data would be required for direct current (dc) motors but not for alternating current (ac) motors. The focus here is on how the required nameplate data for NEMA and IEC motors can be helpful for selecting the right motor for an application.